Elite Leaders

Eng. Saif Al Seiari is rich with innovation, positivity and vitality, in addition to high ambition and field practical experience through the minutest details in a professional manner with a very strong background in achieving growth of a profitable business through the development and implementation of successful skills, where he has a large knowledge base of work disciplines and principles with considerable experience int he construction, health and military care fields.

Eng. Saif holds Bachelor’s Degree in civil engineering. He also holds Master’s Degree in Engineering Management (systems engineering and management and analysis of risks). Furthermore, he is still studying to obtain PhD from the United Kingdom in Business Administration, specialization of Strategic Management and Applied Engineering, where the theme of his research is (How to achieve integration between strategic management and engineering operations).

Moreover, Engineer Saif was granted (16) certifications in many practices such as management, programs management, risk management and development and implementation of administrative procedures. The experience gained by Engineer Saif in business strategies and supervision of development projects in infrastructure, health and military sectors enabled him to lead, with high ability, the process of construction, execution and management of the business efficiently in order to realize the maximum expected returns through smart solutions. Engineer Saif has high communication skills which enabled him to develop the foreign relations of the company significantly which will in favor of the companies under his leadership, and consolidate the company’s name as one of the leading engineering consulting companies. Internally, his high ability of communication has a clear impact on the team management and improvement of the employees’ skills and motivating them so as to achieve the highest work outputs.

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