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Specialize in strategic partnerships with global business leaders across multiple sectors.

Elite Capital is the investment sector of Al Reem Group, and Elite is counts one of the UAE’s leading investment companies, as the company was established to be the investment sector of Al Reem Group, which creates investment opportunities locally, regionally and globally, Elite is today one of the outstanding companies in the field of investment in general and smart investment in particular, where it has acquired many unique projects and shares at the local and global level.

Headquartered is based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Elite has succeeded in establishing itself in the UAE market, and enhanced their competitiveness through prescribed strategies, Elite focuses specifically on strategic partnerships and working with global partners to attract smart ideas and unique experiences to the local market and discover fertile areas for investment.

It should be noted that is a UAE company and one of the first accredited companies as developers in Abu Dhabi.


Total Assets Under Management: $500 million

Intelligent Media Platform

Platform prepares studies on the digital transformation of the media, leadership of changing people's behavior.

Construction & Development

Aims to create investment opportunities in infrastructure projects and public utilities by offering investment opportunities


The internal investment platform creates investment opportunities within the UAE through the first task of this platform

Performance of Fundrise investments, net of fees

Choose an Investment Plan to get started

Growth Plan

$50,000 / 5yr
  • Targeted investments in promising startups and early-stage companies.
  • Diversified portfolio with exposure to industries with significant growth potential.
  • Active management and strategic guidance to optimize investment outcomes.
  • Minimum investment amount: $50,000
  • Investment duration: 5 years
  • Expected annual return: 15% - 20%

Our Growth Plan is designed for investors seeking long-term capital appreciation and substantial returns. This plan focuses on investing in high-growth sectors such as technology, emerging markets, and disruptive industries.

Our Income Plan is tailored for investors who prioritize generating a steady stream of income and preserving capital. This plan focuses on investments that provide consistent cash flow and stable returns, such as dividend-paying stocks, real estate rental properties, and fixed-income securities.

Balance Plan

$75,000 / 6yr
  • Diversified portfolio that includes a mix of growth-oriented and income-generating assets.
  • Active portfolio management to optimize risk and return.
  • Regular rebalancing to maintain the desired asset allocation.
  • Minimum investment amount: $75,000
  • nvestment duration: 6 years
  • Expected annual return: 10% - 12%

Our Balanced Plan is ideal for investors seeking a balanced approach between capital appreciation and income generation. This plan combines elements of both the Growth Plan and the Income Plan, offering a well-rounded investment strategy that aims to achieve both long-term growth and regular income

Special News

Elite Capital Investments Expands Healthcare Investment Portfolio

Abu Dhabi, UAE – Elite Capital Investments continues its commitment to the healthcare sector with the expansion of its healthcare investment portfolio. 

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